Work Approach

Key services included in our mentor program
  • Examine facilities
  • Overview technical possibilities
  • Assess site members awareness
  • Prognose development
  • Facilities renovation plan
  • Technical upgrade scheme
  • Site training list
  • Development improvement schedule & roadmap

We will help you follow the improvement roadmap, reach pre-defined outcomes and complete all tasks within the agreed timeframes, giving practical advice and explicit steps to satisfy requirements

We have specialists for all site’s departments who will go through all aspects of study planning, conducting and managing, and share with you our experience in any site study activity starting from feasibility completion till study archiving and auditing.

  • Supervise all implementation steps by our specialist
  • Audit your site workflow on demand or within the approved timepoints
  • Re-evaluate your facility, team members and possibilities
  • 24/7 helpdesk specialist
  • Live chat
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Personal (face-to-face) consultant
  • Remote oversight